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Welcome to Karenai, we’re the #1 plumber in San Diego, California.

We’re going to be able to handle any plumbing job that you need done. Our response time is amazing at 45 minutes. So that means when you call us, we’re going to be able to get someone out here within 45 minutes. This is pretty fast stuff!

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Every time a customer uses us, we send them to our reviews page. This page to display all the people that we have successfully held. We want to show you that we have helped so many customers with a wide array of problems in the plumbing sector. This is to show you that we are going to be able to handle your plumbing issue with absolutely no problems.

Finding a reliable plumbing company can be tough. You always want to hire a company that you can trust so that you don’t get screwed over. There are a lot of articles out there online talking about plumbers and being scammers. These plumbers are taking advantage of their customers who do not know any better.

Another reason that it’s important to hire a good company is because you want the job done correctly. If you use eight can’t complete the job, that you’re going to have to hire another company. This is why you want to just do research when you initially hire someone so that you can figure out if they’re going to do good job or not. If you look at the reviews online you’re going to be able to kind of decide whether or not you think they will do a good job.

It’s always a good idea to get previous work example that they’ve done. They’re going to have a list of jobs that they have done and completed that verified so that you can ultimately decide if they are good for you.

A lot of times people think that they can fix the plumbing problem their selves. However, most the time this ends up turning into a bigger problem. For example, we recently had a gentleman call us up at needed help with his sink. It was a simple sink drain issue and he decided that he wanted to take matters into his own hands rather than calling. Had he initially called it would have only cost him $50 dollars. But since he decided to do it on his own he messed it up and ended up costing him $500.

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