Advantages of Malta Yacht Registration

Today Malta the most popular places and jurisdictions for boat enrollment. A solid maritime custom originating  from its geographic area  the Mediterranean, a good legal framework providing safety for financiers and attractive rewards to boat proprietors and operators have all contributed to Malta getting the maritime flag that is largest in Europe and also the 7th largest on the planet. Listed here is much more facts and advantages:

  • Robust legal framework – The Merchant Shipping Act, which regulates the subscription and operation of vessels underneath the Malta flag, is dependent to some degree on UK law
  • based on their intended use, yachts is subscribed beneath  the Malta Flag either as being  a personal satisfaction boat or as  a commercial boat
  • Simple Company Formation can happen in just a few days and reduced enrollment costs again enrollment can occur within a few  days
  • Any income derived from the usage of such yacht that is commercial perhaps not subject to taxation
  • The value for the yacht is exempt from VAT, provided such yacht can be used for commercial reasons chartering from the seas that are high
  • Very attractive leasing that is financial for getting yacht registration having a maximum financial leasing duration typically three years and the absolute minimum residual worth  of 1% associated with the base price
  • VAT refunds on acquisitions made example. gear, gasoline, conditions
  • The import of a commercial boat into the EU via Malta is duty-free
  • expert and effective maritime yacht registration expertise is offered; prepared to provide 24 hours every single day, 7 days per  week
  • For commercial yachts, there are not any nationality restrictions for master, officials and crew
  • For commercial yachts, there aren’t any restrictions from the sale or transfer of stocks of a organization owning  a Maltese licensed yacht or ship
  • From 2006, the Maltese that is new Commercial Code expands the huge benefits that are appropriate to trading vessels in Malta to commercial yachts.

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