San Diego Dentist …of my Dreams!

Get your mind out of the gutter! The dreaminess is the residual feeling left over after a positive, fairly priced, and fruitful relationship experience with a dental professional. What did you think I was writing about?

I left my heart in San Diego, but not my teeth

I am leaving San Diego. I’ll miss it terribly. But, there are a few things I will miss more than others. I am not a super big fan of tourists, but I really liked living in a touristy area. Maybe this will get me hate, but I love the zoo, the USS Midway Museum, the Gaslamp quarter, and all the other places people come from far and wide to visit. I’m totally not leaving because I want to. San Diego was a larger than average slice of heaven.


This is so cliche, but what I will miss most are the people. Everyone I interacted with daily, with few exceptions, was so kind in San Diego. I didn’t even mind going to the dentist! Aside from keeping all my teeth in my mouth, she was, hands down, the best dentist I have ever frequented.


My dentist’s name is Karen. She has a cool background. She’s part Japanese, and part Native American. And, yes, Karen is a Japanese name. Cool trivia was just the start of the positive run-ins I’ve had with Karen.


Karen is what’s called a “holistic dentist”. There are starting to be a lot of them in San Diego. They are just like regular dentists, but involve evidence and variables from all fields of medicine and biology to care for your overall health. So, when I see Karen, we talk about my oral health, but we also spend time looking at some potentially valuable diet and lifestyle changes.


In short, a holistic dentist cares for the “whole you”. I credit mine with sparking and then supporting some of the healthiest changes in my life.

Change for the better

As I said, moving out is not by choice. I am reluctantly leaving San Diego. In my life, though, the big positive changes I made were all by choice. For example, on Karen’s advice, I started a ketogenic diet and mindfulness meditation.


Of course, sugar is bad for your teeth. And, it was during just such a conversation with Karen that we started to talk about healthy changes to my diet. I should mention here that I have epilepsy. Karen told me that a major help for reducing seizures is fasting. She said that if I spend a good deal of time fasting, and, when I eat, if I consumed only high fat, moderate protein and no carbohydrates, I would also lose weight. It worked. I have maintained a healthy weight and almost no seizures since I started a diet program my dentist suggested!


I still am not completely used to saying this type of thing, but, it was also my dentist who introduced me to mindfulness meditation! I won’t go into too much detail, so here’s a link to a website that does a solid job of explaining the benefits and procedures relating to mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness has led to such a change in my mindset. Simply by “noticing” my body’s physical and spiritual function has allowed me to get away from the negativity and anxieties that used to consume me.


Only in San Diego can your dentist be a catalyst for such amazing healthy change. That’s what I wanted to share today. I’ll leave a link to a reputable holistic dentist in the San Diego area. I highly recommend!




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